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Strange move by Audemars Piguet watches ''paid off big time''First published: 03-03-2010In 1972, after having a raft of inexpensive quartz replica watches flooded the marketplace and caused the Swiss replica watch industry to panic, Audemars Piguet attracted many "pessimistic whispers" from the assembled crowds with a replica watch fair - all as a result of stainless-steel watch.The newly-released Royal Oak's material - metal - was considered suicidal move, especially given that it turned out worth over a 24 carat gold Rolex, rolex vintage watch Forbes reported.However, the Royal Oak wasn't the "guaranteed flop" many thought it could be, while using first one being snapped up from the shah of Iran, while Swiss and Italian consumers began buying in the remaining Royal Oaks, which are then tied to 1,000. It added: "Six months later, as opposed to your bankruptcy filing, omega gold watches replica rolex Audemars Piguet executives were lighting cigars and breaking out of the champagne. They had popular on his or her hands, along with the replica watch world stood a new category: luxury timepieces in stainless-steel."Audemars Piguet recently attended the Salon International del Haute Horlogerie meeting in Switzerland earlier this year, demonstrating a number of its other specialist timepieces. replica bucherer watches
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